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Brexit Force Field – a UK and Dutch perspective

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2018: How to boost your probability of success?

The pace of innovation and change is always increasing. Research tells us that the probability of change success in whatever project or initiative you undertake can be as low as 30%, which means there is a 70% probability you will fail. Let’s take your plans for 2018, either for yourself or for your business. If… Read More

Growth Spurt November 2017: winning through resilience

In this series of snippets we distil our regular Growth Academy half-day workshops down into their essential elements and learning points. A strategic prompt for the Academy members who were there, and a taster of what you missed if you weren’t… Date: 14 November 2017 Key focus: Winning through resilience Topics covered: 5 killer questions… Read More

What should employers consider on a snow day?

Severe weather warnings have been issued over the weekend and we all woke up to snow on Sunday morning – great for the kids but not great news for employers! This morning, many contacted us because their employees were not able to attend work either because the schools are closed or because they just can’t… Read More

It’s Christmas!!!! What could possibly go wrong?

Alcohol plus Xmas party plus Employees equals….. nightmares for employers! Christmas parties are a great time to get your teams together and blow off some steam, but this presents challenges when drinking and behavior get out of control. First step is planning – food, free bar, paid taxis to get everyone home safe – do… Read More

HR: Your uniform policy could mean your staff are being underpaid

Do you ask your staff to wear a uniform or specific clothes? If so, you may be underpaying them! If you don’t provide the uniform, then you could be in breach of the National Minimum or Living Wages for that pay period. Even stipulating the colour of clothes, such as bar staff to wear black… Read More

Main effects of the Autumn Budget on pensions and investments

This budget essentially means business as usual for pensions and investments, particularly as the Chancellor has not touched tax relief on pensions in spite of continuous rumours that he might. One slight caveat to this however is that there is some suggestion there may be changes in the Budget background documents. The reprieve for pensions,… Read More

Autumn Budget 2017 – Brian Jukes’ review

With a backdrop of reduced growth forecasts and flatlining productivity, the Chancellor did reasonably well to deliver a relatively upbeat Budget.  The two main focuses of his speech were the housing market, particularly for first time buyers, and ensuring the UK remains at the forefront of technological advances, particularly in the fields of electric vehicles… Read More

What you need to know from the 2017 Autumn Budget

For individual’s the backdrop to this Budget was increasing inflation and an increase in interest rates with the impact being that living costs are increasing quicker than earnings. Early in the Budget speech the Chancellor downgraded the UK’s growth forecasts over the coming years. On hearing this I expected there to be some announcements of… Read More

Autumn Budget 2017 – Brian King’s review

In advance of the Budget many analysts suggested the Chancellor should deliver a “cautious” and “steady as she goes” message. The UK is engaged in Brexit negotiations, there are concerns about the UK productivity, rising inflation, a recent interest rate rise and the impact these may have on the future direction of the UK economy…. Read More

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